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About Us

FIT TOUCH is an Australian based, owned and operated company that is dedicated to the advancement of the Fitness Industry. We are the creators of the first and still the best technology system for Fitness training and gym management.

We are passionate about health and fitness.

Our vision is to ensure your members embrace a lifelong commitment to their health and well being long after their initial introductory session.

FIT TOUCH gives new members the confidence when starting a new program, providing them with comprehensive exercise descriptions developed by leading fitness professionals along with clear animated graphics to explain the function of the equipment and/or exercise.

Members no longer feel intimidated therefore maintaining their motivation. This binds members to the gym by connecting them to your staff through one-on-one assistance both on the floor and using FIT TOUCH to offer your members the ultimate in professional service and care.?

We have been leading the way since 2006 and have continued to evolve and develop to be at the forefront of technology and fitness trends.