404 Benefits of Using The Fit Touch SystemFIT TOUCH 24/7 : The ultimate fitness management software. | FIT TOUCH 24/7 : The ultimate fitness management software.

Benefits of Using The Fit Touch System

Your health club or fitness center is your dream and you wouldn’t mind treading that extra mile for making it the best! And considering that managing the entire show on your own would be quite a task, you would need assistance. And we provide you with just that.

Our fitness software solution is a comprehensive package of many benefits. We aim at providing help for every aspect of the functioning of your fitness club.

So, not only would you be able to access complete membership management software, we also provide personal trainer software and software that would help members to manage their fitness goals.

Our health club management software is a unique tool which helps you in keeping an eye on the relevant details.

You can manage your clientele, your trainers, the fitness goals of your customers and lots more. All you need is to have this health club membership software in place. You couldn’t ask for more to achieve unmatched success, we assure !

This complete fitness management system allows for an overview of your business including; staff performance, member results and progress that you can manage using your FIT TOUCH software.

  • Track the number of sessions each member has completed to ensure members are up to date with payments.
  • “High risk” members that are potentially leaving the gym or have lost motivation are flagged prompting timely intervention by trainers.
  • Trainers are also prompted if a member is due for re assessment.
  • The member will also receive a Pop Up message on the screen when they next log in therefore keeping the member and trainer on track in helping the member achieve their fitness goals and retaining their commitment to the gym.
  • If a “high risk” member is flagged this can then signal an opportunity for the member to be upsold for personal training sessions.
  • Motivate and encourage your members through direct messaging using the FIT TOUCH APP.
  • The member on leaving the gym relinquishes their FIT TOUCH account therefore binding them to their gym and/or major franchise.
  • FIT TOUCH can be networked to other gyms within a franchise.


  • No loss of program and fitness assessment cards
  • No more cumbersome dusty filing cabinets
  • Customized programs catering for all levels of fitness and rehabilitation
  • Fast, efficient creation of programs with easy to follow graphics and training tips on screen with a printout option for users
  • Easy editing of programs, including exercises, weight, repetition, sets, etc.
  • Covers all gym fitness activities including, free weights, cardio equipment, stretches and unlimited customised exercises
  • Ability to generate different templates at a touch
  • User Friendly
  • Ability to transfer member information to new staff or between existing staff
  • Staff performance review and training tool
  • Trainers can increase their professional development, especially good for recently accredited Personal Trainers
  • Structured management system for gym owners
  • More efficient and productive use of staff time
  • Flagging and notification of “high risk’ members
  • Tailored graphics including screen images for internal promotions and marketing etc.
  • Internet access
  • Full IT support
  • Proudly Australian made and owned