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Fit Touch 24/7 Fitness

As a fitness club owner, you might have always yearned for software that provides complete process orientation. Much to your consolation, our gym software programs are meant for precisely that! We provide fitness club software that helps you in managing the entire show with ease.

And most importantly, it works towards lending a genuine helping hand to your esteemed patrons. Once you engage our club management system, your customers are bound to feel completely sorted!

We would take care of the management of their fitness goals and help them in keeping their motivation levels intact! Simply put, they would be able to manage their progress with complete discretion. There would be no embarrassments and no deviation of goals midway.

So apart from investing in commercial fitness equipment of the highest quality, consider planning a purchase of this comprehensive and fitness club software as well for all round success with your fitness venture!

With the ever increasing demand for 24/7 fitness, members need to be catered for when using the gym facilities during unsupervised hours.

All levels of fitness require the use of equipment, perhaps even for the first time and members often don’t know how to use it all let alone for maximum results.

Herein FIT TOUCH provides the peace of mind to gym owners and a great tool for their members to ensure they continue to see the benefits of their membership in a 24/7 facility.

How does it work?
FIT TOUCH provides members with their first programme on purchase of their Key Tag/Fob which is initially a beginner programme that is sent to members as a text message with link to download directly onto their phone.
Members can upgrade their programme at any time and arrange their next programme in accordance with their goals.
This is monitored and overseen by qualified and experienced FIT TOUCH trainers to ensure that the members get maximum results using safe and correct techniques.

No more programme cards, no more license fees, no more trainer programming.

PT’s can also use this with their own clients and oversee their progress.

Ongoing Support
Ask us about this service.
Leave it to us to provide your members with the best in Fitness technology that is easy to use, provides ongoing support and their friends will wonder why their gym doesn’t offer this service.

We also offer Gym branding and lot’s more! Ask us about additional extras that will give your gym the edge.Please contact us