404 Frequently Asked Questions | FIT TOUCH 24/7 : The ultimate fitness management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can FIT TOUCH be tailored to the needs of our gym?
Yes. The FIT TOUCH software can be tailored to your gym’s needs. Such as the exercises library can be altered to cater for specific equipment and/or obscure exercises that may be unique to your gym.

How is the information stored on the FIT TOUCH system?
A database is used to store all the information viewed on the FIT TOUCH system to allow for an almost infinite number of exercises or promotions that you require.

Can I print out the exercises?
Yes. You are able to print out the exercises to view in your own time.
There is also the ability to view an edit your program via the FIT TOUCH APP.

As a trainer, will this create a greater work load through data entry?
If you’re currently using Clubware software it automatically syncs member databases.
Otherwise, member data and creating programs can be achieved in a matter of minutes saving you time from manually writing out program cards and fitness assessments. Once the program is created easy editing and location of client information will save you time and effort.

Can I store personal fitness templates within the FIT TOUCH software such as beginner programs and sports specific training templates?
Yes. In your FIT TOUCH account you can store an unlimited number of customized templates thus making future program prescriptions even easier.

How many members can FIT TOUCH store?
FIT TOUCH software can safely store unlimited staff and user accounts.

How is FIT TOUCH different to the fitness App’s available on iTunes?
The fitness APP’s on the market only provide a database of generic exercises with no interaction with your own member/client. They also don’t provide the ability to upload your own exercises and images or to message clients via SMS functionality that FIT TOUCH provides.