404 WHAT IS FIT TOUCH?FIT TOUCH 24/7 : The ultimate fitness management software. | FIT TOUCH 24/7 : The ultimate fitness management software.


FIT TOUCH is the ultimate fitness management software and is unlike any other on the market.

Our vision:
We are passionate about health and fitness. Our vision is to ensure your members embrace a lifelong commitment to their health and wellbeing long after their initial introductory session. FIT TOUCH gives new members the confidence when starting a new program, providing them with comprehensive exercise descriptions developed by leading fitness professionals along with clear animated graphics to explain the function of the equipment and/or exercise. Members no longer feel intimidated therefore maintaining their motivation. This binds members to the gym by connecting them to your staff through one-on-one assistance both on the floor and using FIT TOUCH to offer your members the ultimate in professional service and care.

Health Club Management Software with a Difference!

Fit Touch is the Health club management software that provides comprehensive assistance is what you will need for running your fitness centre profitably, without much ado !
We provide this club management software that helps you manage your tasks with ultimate finesse. We realize that running a health club incorporates a multitude of tasks. You would be required to manage the workings of your staff members and handle your clients and their requirements impeccably as well.
This is precisely why we do not limit ourselves to being club membership software alone. The club management system software that we provide helps you in employee management as well as client management. And our fitness club management software would make documentation handling easy as well.

How Fit Touch Works

FIT TOUCH empowers trainers and gym owners through this easy to use management system. This interactive software helps to motivate, track and cater for a wide variety of fitness levels and needs whilst using fun and easy to use technology. FIT TOUCH APP feature for iPhones/smart phones and iPad or equivalent enables the client and trainer to become mobile. Trainers can directly contact and track members at any time using FIT TOUCH APP from any location to provide further support, advice and motivation to their clients.

FIT TOUCH system was designed and created in Australia by Australian IT and Fitness professionals with the view to introduce much needed technology and structure into the Fitness Industry. FIT TOUCH is the ultimate management tool which allows Personal Trainers more effective use of their time rather than manually writing and filing programme cards. Market surveys were conducted that proved a need for a better system and thus, FIT TOUCH software was designed and created to meet the demand for today’s touch screen technology.